Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pretty smart...old McDonald

Nothing attracts the masses like farm animals...especially the baby variety. This past sunday my aunt, cousin, and I went hiking and afterwards we stopped at the local farm. The farm has realized that if you put out a handful of farm animals, it attracts the masses like honey. And then the masses buy their fruits and veggies to feed their animals. They actually encourage the feeding and have all sorts of other human goodies...inflatable jumping room, italian ice and ice cream, horse rides, and strawberry picking. The piglets were so over-stuffed that they couldn't finish all their carrots. And I'm told pigs have bottomless stomachs so it must be extreme. I will hand it to three goats below for keeping it real....eating actual clover and boycotting the carrots. This baby boy cow was quite smart. We were able to point to carrots on the ground and he was able to follow the pointing. He was just precious with his little horn-lets.


lioux said...


This is becoming





Jules said...

Love the pics. Where is this farm located? I love farms. Except it always grosses me out when I realize the animals I'm adoring will soon be someone's dinner. I hate that.

Colleen said...

i agree w/lioux.
& jules.

Kartek said...

The farm is in Chester. I forgot to add "Moo cow moo" to that.