Saturday, June 2, 2007

It finally happened

I finally found that super rare turtle today. It's been five years of searching and this season has sucked as far as finding any turtles, let alone this type. It's been a rough week. My male co-workers have been going out together looking for this type. I have not been invited, but that's fine. And actually it's stupid on their part because we are all competing to find this turtle. So the more people looking in one spot, the less chance that you personally will find it. So I pull up to one of our sites this morning and I see their trucks. I let out a big "Oh hell to the no." and immediately leave to and go to another site. I'm at the other place like 20 minutes and I see one of guys. Great. And it's the newbie who's been finding them left and right. He has the mojo and I'm not happy. I shoo him away and then another 10 minutes he calls to me that's found one. Son of a bitch!!! I'm going to have to take him out since he's found like 4 turtles this year. I ignore him but he walks over to me and gloats. And of course he asks for me to take a picture of him and his turtle...another stab in the heart. I spend a few more minutes there and I'm off to try the guys' first spot. By now, it's really hot and I'm miserable. But within 10 minutes, I find my turtle. Finally!!!! People, I'm on the board and I found a turtle at a site that was scoured no less than 40 minutes ago. Haha. Take that. But the guys made paths for me and MY turtles and I found this girl in an open mud pit right off a path. She's had been marked and so we had found her before. She was shy and never popped her head out for me until I put her back down. I have named her Betsy.
Oh course I called one of the guys..the one I've known for the longest. He hasn't found one yet and he's been searching longer then I have. Yes. I did some gloating but I also let him know that I feel his pain and to not give up hope. Phew... I'm not a total loser. I'll be back out again to find Betsy a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Oh. and the blue irises are blooming. Pretty.

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Jules said...

Congrats! :) I hope you had three more tomorrow. Good luck.

Also have I mentioned I am so jealous of your job!?!