Monday, June 11, 2007

It's that time of the year

Been out turtling again last week. It wasn't very eventful aside from the grass being as tall as me. I have a slight grass allergy but after spending a day doing a grassland bird survey and then back in the grass, I had all that I can take. Cue the sinus headache at 10:30 am. Nothing helped and it just got worse. But I continued on. I found three common box turtles. Personally, I thought it was a miracle any of us got turtles considering you couldn't see anything on the ground. Newbie was not happy since he only got one turtle. Everyone else got at least three turtles. Then we headed to a site where there are records of the super rare turtle. Y'know the land of bottomless pits. Thankfully, I managed to evade these pits or tread light enough to float along. No turtles there at all. Then by 2 pm my headache was so bad I just went home and tried to sleep it off. There were only two highlights of the outing. We did find a turkey nest complete with eggs. And apparently it was the day to congregate for the cabbage white butterflies (bad picture below). Not sure if they were laying eggs or just eating. But they sure loved this rotten stump...well who doesn't love a rotten tree stump?
P.S. Bad sinus headache again today... I guess it's the aftermath of my hike yesterday. I feel like Lisa Simpson.


lioux said...


I thought that rotten stump may have been a bigfoot at first.

Colleen said...

I think the pollen must be bad this year...normally I don't have allergies but have been sneezing a lot and having sinus face for like a month! I just sneezed while reading this, in fact.

lioux said...

Bless you, Colleen.

Jules said...

I hope you're feeling better!